The Best Quadcopter Buying Guide On The Web

Choosing the best quadcopter can be a difficult task. From big quadcopters to micro quadcopters with built-in cameras, there are a multitude of options, making the selection process all the more daunting. The growing popularity of quadcopters has also led to more and more models becoming easily available in the market. However, if you are able to select the best quadcopter for your interests, needs, budget and experience level, then you can expect to enjoy your aerial photography. Here are certain things you must keep in mind when purchasing a quadcopter to ensure you purchase the one that operates properly.

Choosing The Right Size

You need to ask yourself a few questions to choose the best quadcopter. The two most important questions- Which size you want to pick? Where should you start? You must consider where you will be chiefly using your quadcopter, outdoor or indoor. Most of the mini quadcopters are best for indoor flying,. However, they battle against light breeze in outdoor flight. A micro or mini quadcopter is user-friendly, offers easy controls, ease of use and better maneuverability. A big quadcopter, for instance, Dji Phantom Vision is not suggested for beginners as it may require you to fly outdoors. Moreover, you might not find a safe flying sight outside.

Choosing A Model That Can Have A Camera Attached

Camera is one of the most indispensable features that you should look when selecting a quadcopter, especially if you are a professional. Choosing the right one for your specific requirement is a challenging task as there is a wide array of quadcopters with camera available in the market today. The most common features of such quadcopters is that you can share the captured pictures and videos in the social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Expensive quadcopters like Dji Phantom are even used by short-film producers. Hence, if your need is to take Aerial footage, you must go in for this quadcopter. Some of the other models that can be categorized by various features like battery life, price, HD camera integration and video quality are as follows.

Husban X4 H107C is a great pick for beginners. The main benefit is that it is especially designed to endure hard impacts. It has a built in video recording and is less prone to crashes. It is considered as one of the best mini quadcopters with camera.

Parrot AR.Drone has an integrated HD camera. The chief speciality of this is that you can control this model using your smart phone. With the help of your iPad or phone, you can adjust its flight data like, altitude, time and speed. You can also share the captured pictures and videos with the help of its piloting application. This is a perfect choice if you are not too new to flying and if you are looking for a medium budget quadcopter with camera.

Dji Phantom produces high quality videos and pictures. It has the most accurate, advanced, high quality and picture capturing features. This model is specially designed for short-film makers and professionals. Although it is expensive, but you can enjoy the best of its features unlike any other quadcopter.

Which Key Features Are Important To Have In Your Good Quadcopter?

The best quadcopter always comes with 4 channels, that allow you to move forwards, backwards, left, right, lower or raise and rotate either to right or left. You must look for a model that allows to activate the advance mode of your quadcopter in order to operate in a more rapid way and also offer advanced movements.

Which Companies Make The “Best Quadcopter” ?

The quadcopter industry is evolving rapidly. Here are some of the top quadcopter manufacturers.

Syma Toys is best known for their traditional models, though they have recently come up with extremely affordable and highly popular mini quadcopters. The Syma X1 is a wonderful start for the beginners and is considered to be one of the best quadcopters in low range.

Dji Innovations offer a wide array of medium-high end aerial models. They are one of the best quadcopter manufacturers in the market today and its model Phantom 2 Vision + is an excellent ready-to fly video model.

3D Robotics also creates one of the best quadcopters in the market today. They are well-known for their easy to use professional technology and are believed to be the world’s most innovative autopilot platform.

So follow this simple quadcopter buying guide and make the best pick.

Uses of Remote Control Quadcopters

To put it in very simple words, a quadcopter can be explained as a classification of rotorcraft. It is basically a multirotor helicopter that is propelled and also lifted with the help of four rotors and hence the name quadcopter. But, here it is important to mention that this very multirotor helicopter is also called quadrotor and quadrotor helicopter in many places. Even though it has recently gained popularity after becoming available to the general public; this very design rotorcraft was first seen in the 1920s.

The design and mechanism of this new generation rotorcraft have changed completely when compared with its predecessor model. The main changes that are noticed are the compact sized and remote controlled quadcopters that are found in today’s time. But today we are only going to discuss about the different uses of a remote controlled quadcopter for your convenience.

Law Enforcement and Military

Way before quadcopter was introduced to the general public; it was extensively used by law enforcement and especially the military. Do you know that these multirotor helicopters come with a camera in many popular designs? And it is because of this camera, this helicopter was used for reconnaissance extensively. Many times it was used for keeping surveillance too, and the fact that it is remote controlled helped a lot too. In different cases, a remote controlled quadcopter has proved its worth to the law enforcement and military by giving it an opportunity to observe or spy on the enemy or threat. Besides this, there have been dozens of reports that explains in details how this helicopter has played a key role in different search and rescue missions.

Universities for Research

This type of remote controlled multirotor helicopter is very useful in researches held in different universities. There are many reasons to why a quadcopter happens to be a popular choice/instrument used in the different researches. But the most popular reason will have to be that it is controlled by a remote control, and thus the device will move according to the will of the researcher quite easily. Its nature of being available in all shape and sizes, relatively cheap price and also its easy to build as well as maintain procedures are some of the other popular reasons to why it is used widely in most Universities around the world. Researches made by academics and professors of robotics, flight control theory, real-time system and also navigation; all require a quadcopter.

Photography and Videography

As mentioned before, a quadcopter is also found with a camera too. Thus, photographer and videography are taken to the next level with the help of this remote controlled rotorcraft. It is also used in projects related to wildlife filming and photography in dangerous areas. So, basically with the help of this, a photographer does not have to risk his or her life to take the perfect shot. This type of remote controlled multirotor helicopter is used extensively for journalism purpose in war zones and other places. A quadcopter is very much used in the film industry too and because of this, some of the greatest scenes in moving pictures’ history are now available for all to appreciate. Speaking of the glamour world, this device is a favorite toy of many paparazzi.

Emergency Uses For Quadcopters

When natural and manmade disasters occur, every person and organization tries their best to provide help during these difficult times. But, unfortunately, in the past, many were deprived this help as it was not possible to reach those people. But now thanks to remote controlled quadcopter this gap has been closed. If disasters occur, government organizations as well as different NGOs use quadcopter to supply the victims with medical supplies, food items, and other such related help.

Daily Life

As soon as remote controlled quadcopters were released to the general public, they have been bought like hot cakes. Though, in the beginning, it was mostly used for fun and games and recreation purpose, slowly it was being used for many other useful purposes too. Mostly, it was seen that, an average Joe was using it to inspect certain hard to reach places. Have problems with the pipeline? Or you think that there is something wrong with you roof? A remote controlled quadcopter is there for the rescue! Do you know that in many neighborhoods, this very device is used for neighborhood watch? Its ability to inform you about the present danger also helps to inform you about the ruffian or stalker who is causing a great deal of trouble.

These are some of the important everyday uses of remote control quadcopters.

Introduction with Different Types of Remote Controlled Vehicles

Remote controlled vehicles are the recreational devices that can be defined as the vehicles controlled remotely with the help of an external device without obstructing their movements. Normally they can be controlled remotely in two ways- either a cable is used between the point of control and the vehicle or a radio control device having infrared controller can be used to control the vehicle. Though remote controlled and radio controlled vehicles are almost the same but they are a bit different from robotic devices. Several robots are considered as autonomous devices but RCVs ca not act autonomously but are controlled by humans.

Remote control vehicle toys can be operated from a remote location out of the vehicle. If no wire is used between the vehicle and its control device then the vehicle receives radio signals transmitted by the controller through its receiver for its proper operation. In this way remote control vehicles include radio controlled vehicles also.

Various types of remote control vehicles are available these days on toy shops. The advancement in technologies has introduced various types of remote controlled vehicle toys like remote controlled cars, trucks, air planes, helicopters and quadcopters. Quadcopters are the latest radio controlled remote control vehicles which are becoming day-by-day popular among children. Some of these are briefly discussed in this write-up for your reference.

Different remote control vehicles

Remote control cars: Various types of toy cars with remote controller are available these days on toy shops which may include Road cars, F1 cars and Rally cars. All of these remotely controlled cars are designed to run on smooth surfaces whether it is indoor or on a concrete surface but not on uneven surfaces. The looks of these cars resemble with their original versions to give a feel among the youngsters of using them.

Remote control trucks: Like remote control cars, remote control trucks are also available in wide variety on toy shops. They may include monster trucks, stadium trucks, short course trucks, rock crawlers and buggy. The look and design of these remote control devices also resemble with their original versions. Monster trucks have huge tires, lifted suspension and adequate ground clearance to allow them to run on any kind of surface. The modified suspension of stadium trucks allows them o run easily on grassy surfaces also. Short course trucks are made to run on off-road tracks easily. The external body of these remote control trucks is widened to cover up its wide wheels. Road crawlers are just like monster trucks but their speed is a bit slower than other as it can climb rocks without any problem unlike others. The wheels of buggy are a bit open but narrow from front. The design of this remote control truck is a bit exposed in the back and a wing on its top. They run better on dirt tracks than grassy surfaces due to their low ground clearance.

Remote control helicopter: Remote control helicopters are also in fashion these days. They are controlled through radioactive waves transmitted by the control device and received by the toy helicopter. These remote control toys are recently introduced in the market for the young ones. Though it is not a new concept but the technology used in them is new. Earlier radio controlled helicopters were difficult to operate remotely as they needed combustible fuel. This attest version is designed to avoid all the previous obstructions.

Remote control quadcopter: Quadcopters after helicopters are the remote control toys that have been introduced after much technological advancements in the recent years. They are also popularly known as Drones. The plug-n-play version of these toys is manufactured precisely to operate them without any problem by using battery technology to use them easily. Quadcopters have become popular toys for the children interested in such items.

Thus remote control vehicles are available in wide variety on toy shops classified in various classes including cars, trucks, air planes, helicopters and the latest quadcopters. The designs and looks of these vehicles resemble to their original versions which give a feel to the players of using the original ones. Youngsters can choose from these remote controlled vehicles as per their age and interests to play with them with a positive attitude.